Health Risks With Fireworks

What Medical Problems Have Been Associated With Fireworks Displays? It is well known that airborne particulate matter, of the size commonly produced by fireworks, can cause pulmonary problems in people with pre-existing lung disease. In those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), elevated levels of airborne particulate matter has been strongly associated with worsening dyspnea [...]

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CNY Cardiology Brings the WATCHMAN Procedure To Utica to Benefit All of CNY

Tanya Streeter from MVHS and Dr. Michael Sassower from CNY Cardiology sat down with Jason Powles to talk about a new partnership where they are offering the WATCHMAN procedure to the greater Utica NY community.  Tanya Streeter from MVHS DR. Michael Sassower from CNY Cardiology here to talk about a new partnership in place [...]

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How to Stay Active in Cold Weather

How to Stay Active in Cold Weather When winter blows in, you can pull the blankets over your head and go back to sleep—or you can suit up and head out for an outdoor winter adventure! There’s no reason you need to take a break from physical activity when the temperature drops. In fact, exercising [...]

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12 Days Of Cardiology

12 days of Christmas lyrics – for cardiologists everywhere We worked on a special song today that will hopefully bring us into the holiday spirit. In a brief burst of holiday enthusiasm, we worked on a special song today that came together after our fifth case for your enjoyment: The Twelve Days of Christmas, EP [...]

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Have a Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving

Have a Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving When it comes to the holidays, portion control seems to fly out the window before the turkey is even carved. But there are ways to stick with your heart-healthy routine and lower the heart attack risk that often coincides with a huge meal. Thanksgiving dinner can turn into one long, indulgent [...]

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Outdoor Exercises That Are Perfect For Fall

Outdoor Exercises That Are Perfect For Fall Ah, autumn — the sun is bright, the air is crisp, and the weather is ideal for getting your sweat on outside. If you're looking for fun ways to exercise outside before the snow starts to fall and you get too cold and lazy to do anything except [...]

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5 Heart-Healthy BBQ Foods

Believe it or not, healthy grill-friendly foods don’t have to be complicated or taste like cardboard. On the contrary, we’ve rounded up some simple, delicious cookout recipes that are perfect for supporting a healthy ticker. You can grill and chill to your heart’s delight this summer, knowing that you’re taking it easy on your ticker, [...]

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